What makes us Special ?

At WinIT, as part of our new approach towards our human capital, combined with deep commitment to the society we are part of, WinIT helps highly skilled new comers to Israel thus making it easy for them to find appropriate jobs by employment either in our company or by using our network of contacts in Israel.

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Company WinIT, Ltd. co-founded in 2008 in Israel by  Mor Kirshner and Meir Reifer ,provides high-end project management and consulting services to IT services providers worldwide and/or end-clients. Read more


WinIT’s product range includes the following IT tools:   ProcessGeneTM (Business Process Realization Solutions) Tableau (Business Intelligence) Implementation Tools Comax ERP – CRM … Read more


If you WIN we WIN.   This is why we call ourselves WinIT WinIT always provides customers with high quality and innovative deliverables. Read more

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