Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Information Systems

First of all we will define the information systems we are dealing with in this article: accounting system, ERP, CRM, e-mail

8 things people hate interacting with corporate information systems

Information systems limit the powers of managers in an organization . You as a manager are responsible for 10% of the

A warm home for business

At WinIT, we adapt ourselves to your business owner and your business needs ranging from professional technical level to price level

The CIO as the manager and leader of innovation in the organization?

We recently noticed that all CIOs gain additional responsibility for their traditional role, including examples include David Jones of Evans Corning

How to win today’s competitive environment with cloud accounting software?

If you want your business to work smarter and faster, cloud accounting software is a smart investment. Working in the cloud

The 8 reasons why people love enterprise information systems

We can hate information systems 1. Limitation of powers 2. Lack of responsible adult supervision 3. Money extortion 4. Implementation projects