The 8 reasons why people love enterprise information systems

The 8 reasons why people love enterprise information systems

We can hate information systems
1. Limitation of powers
2. Lack of responsible adult supervision
3. Money extortion
4. Implementation projects such as ERP do not end
5. Support centers are powerless and capable
6. Outsourcing is unbridled
7. Technological geeks whose time has passed
8. Lack of good news

But we can love IT people because …

  • Create control and control mechanisms that distribute resources in a responsible and balanced manner of value versus risk. Ensures information systems to be designed and delivered in a useful, integrative, reliable and stable form
  • Forces senior executives to strengthen relationships with business processes and helps make better IT decisions.
  • The Information Systems Department bears the burden of the ongoing costs of the information systems, although management in the organization is responsible for the value of these costs.
  • The IT department often encounters difficulties in carrying out and delivering IT products to the organization without sufficient and appropriate involvement of the rest of the business and sometimes in their opposition.
  • The Information Systems Department provides OJT (on-the-job training) to unknowing users, although most of the tedious work would be spared if they were to learn the basic operation of the information systems while assimilating them.
  • The information systems department fights, often lost, against outsourcing and often to the point where it puts their own careers in danger.
  • The IT team often maintains long, tedious working hours in obsolete information systems to save the cost of upgrading to a company
  • Increases shareholder value for those organizations that are well-versed in IT, including ERP, CRM, BI, and cloud systems.

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