The benefits and the disadvantages of moving in to Information technology systems based on Cloud SaaS – or why should SMB’s consider embracing cloud technologies

The benefits and the disadvantages of moving in to Information technology systems based on Cloud  SaaS –  or why should SMB’s consider embracing cloud technologies

Before diving in to the article let’s first  determine the boundaries of the   IT system that we are willing to cover : accounting system , ERP , CRM , ERP PSA  , BPM  , CPM organizational mail and even payroll systems yes you read correctly payroll systems.

Now let us talk about the buzz word cloud computing :  this name councils several close but completely different services :

“Cloud” is now tied to any aspect of the IT world , servers ,storage , backup , applications everything is floating towards the clouds including the term of privet cloud witch in a non marketing terms means storage on someone’s else computer using outsource systems manpower.

in this iatrical we shell focus on SaaS module (Software as a service) and it means that we shall be paying for all the software we mentioned above but as services no  need for licensing and in advanced payments but a monthly payment for using the software as Google bill you for the usage of space storage per minute !!!.



Focusing  on the functional of the software product

Until recently computing projects where divide into three parts even when done by outsource manpower it still required this people : system personnel , implementers and developers all led  and coordinated by a project manager by using SaaS we don’t need the system guys any and developers anymore and we rely on the providers capabilities and we are focusing and the functional needs of the organization.

Flexibility of moving from one software to another

This days just as moving from one cellular and/or  internet provider we can migrate

Relatively simply from one software to another as a result of dissatisfaction of the level of the services center or the product compatibility to your organizational needs All the organizational software product today can easily absorb and produce excel files with known structure so the migrating from one SaaS product to another is simpler the before and all we have to do is to acquire the product monthly licensing.


Data security and Cyber protection

It’s quit suppressing to find this segment in the advantages part however let’s stop for a moment and think when I am building and maintaining a fire wall by myself I need to spend  money by myself on the security issue when several customers share the hospitality on SaaS product than the resource combined on cyber security can be larger and indeed are so by far than a single fire wall .

Let’s stay on that issue a little longer now days your private money  can be withdrawn by a credit card which is protect by  two fields on 4 digit (the other two fields are used for bank identification  and credit card identification)  . when using a SaaS product we are identified by three fields at least the first one for your organization identifier your user and password (20 characters each !!!)

Geographical distribution

Using SaaS products allows a geographical distribution even if the organization is spread between countries /continents  but also when some of your workers prefer working from home or working moms that you as employer want them to catch-up work in the evening.

Never the less a substantial money saving can be achieved if instead of hiring luxuriate office space in Tel-Aviv you can do outsourcing accounting from home and to hire monthly expensive room for that reason and expanding by that your fix expenses.

The Internet of things  – IoT  (RFID)

Another common buzz word is the internet of things – IoT when the IT product that you are using is already in the cloud (internet) and allows you a remote control trough a browser          

It also allows you a remote access to cellophanes and other mobile devices such as tablets to your marketing power and where hose personal and even to your sales website (including orders from your customers and payments)

everything is approachable and “talks” to each other through the web without any additional  required infrastructure for Wi-Fi and your mobile devices  a simple sim card will do the job with a good enough surfing package deal .


Last but not least important , the IT product that you are using either an accounting program or  ERP , CRM or even an organizational e-mail they are all working and available for you 24/7. and you need no backups and RDP (resource disaster planning)  derivative from your CRO (Chief Risk Officer).



The infrastructure already exists

There is of course the case of already existing infrastructure and then the cloud won’t be the best solution after investing your money in building a computer center  and physical network  – however you should take causes not making a good money after bad decision.

Sensitive internal business information  

Organization with sensitive date such as Nuclear plants or banks or medical organizations with confidentiality of medical records  will transfer his customer accounts data and their status  to transfer his data into the cloud never minding it’s security.

Regardless the written  above we have noticed that large organization such as banks (yes yes , banks) there is a trend off examining the move into cloud environment of  the development    and training platforms and even applied to the government control authorities .


The cloud could provide an excellent solution , but not for all challenges , we have covered in this article several potential customers groups and each and every one of them might consider moving into the cloud environment and SaaS solutions

We have concentrated on potential customers from the SMB (small medium business) including start-ups that would like to focused on their core business and not develop their own accounting , ERP , CRM and even organizational mail (very popular ) , and such organizations would like to concentrate on their business development  rather than deal with their IT infrastructures   witch project mainly on their overhead expenses .

The main characteristics that will tipped the scales in favorer of choosing a cloud solution are the simplifying the use and flexing the time range of it . In the cloud you as a costumer can establish servers or hiring a SaaS product  in no time and with no real restriction  so that one customer can establish 100 servers in less than a hour , and they all will be identical except their IP address and all in ease and comfort while  using the browser CLI interface or REST . In the same method you can open SaaS ERP for 100 different organization with different LN .

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